Drake & Megan Thee Stallion Rumors Make Photographer He Referenced Speak Out

MegYuup had to clear the air amid (even more) speculation that Drizzy dissed Tina Snow, and said that no one meant anything by it.

Once again, the Internet went wild with speculation that Drake seemingly shaded Megan Thee Stallion. Last time it happened, it was on his 2022 album with 21 S*vage Her Loss where he rapped “This b***h lie about getting shots, but she still a stallion,” an apparent reference to her Tory Lanez shooting case that Lil Yachty, a close collaborator on that album, denied being intentional. Most recently during his Houston show on Monday (September 18), the 6 God fanned those flames again by shouting out a prominent photographer in the city. “Real H-Town love, shout out to Meg one time for real … not that Meg, this Meg,” he stated. Now, MegYuup, the photographer in question, took to Twitter to clear the air.

“Drake done said my government name and called me a H-Town legend in an arena full of people,” she tweeted, followed by more statements referencing the special- and now contentious- night. “pls don’t start. He was CLARIFYING for the slow ones in the back such as yourself. People don’t know who I am like that. They hear Megan & H-Town legend and clearly would think of her. It’s not a hard concept. Anyways. FOR ALL THE DOGS – October 6th. I’m not his photographer so what he said was fine.”

One Of MegYuup’s Tweets About The Drake & Megan Thee Stallion Drama


Regardless of what Drake intended or didn’t intend, this still could’ve been a chance to simply shout the Stallion out. Still, it’s also a bit far-fetched to think that a clarification is equivalent to a diss, but previous history adds a lot of context. Either way, it doesn’t seem like the Houston MC or the Toronto artist have directly addressed this publicly. As such, this speculation and rumor mill is all we have to go off of.

Meanwhile, all artists are having great years so far, with Drizzy on his tour and with an album on the way. For Meg, 2023 marked yet another top five R&B/hip-hop debut with her Cardi B collab single “Bongos.” As for MegYuup, putting all that drama aside, she said she had an amazing time and must feel quite honored to get a boost from a fellow legend. On that note, stay logged into Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com for the latest updates and news on Drake and Megan Thee Stallion.

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