Memphis Bleek has shut down rumors regarding JAY-Z ever joining the Illuminati early in his career.

The New York rapper returned to Drink Champs earlier this week where he touched on a multitude of topics including Hov’s rumored ties to the mythical secret society, which he said wasn’t true otherwise he’d have joined too

That killed me with the Hov drunk they Illuminati. Why the fuck I ain’t drink then? Huh? I just went to the party and let everybody get Illuminati wasted and I said, ‘Yo, I’m cool. Tonight’s the night I’m on my N.O.R.E. shit 36 hours clean. My birthday’s coming.’

“Fuck outta here. I’d been in there vampire from Brooklyn, n-gga. You think Eddie had it? Me, n-gga. Fuck outta here with that. It’s called the IllumiGrinding, n-gga.”

Watch the hilarious clip below:

Fans hopped into the Drink Champs comment section in agreement with Memphis Bleek downplaying the legitimacy of the Illuminati.

“Right. People just can’t believe a person can actually and simply WORK HARD for their riches,” one person chimed in, while another wrote: “People who believe in every conspiracy theory kill me.”

Bleek kept co-hosts N.O.R.E. and EFN in stitches throughout the electric interview, including another part where the Roc-A-Fella rapper explained the unique rules Michael Jackson had backstage during his 2001 Summer Jam appearance.

“It was ill the Mike situation. Rest in peace to the G.O.A.T. of the G.O.A.T.s. Mike came through right — listen, if you wasn’t with Hov you had to turn around and face the wall,” Bleek said.

His security guards came in before he came in they like this: ‘Everybody who don’t got the JAY-Z pass.’ Like, I’m with the family. You had to have that pass.

“They was making n-ggas face the wall like it was the pat-down on the block. Everybody because Mike didn’t want eye-to-eye contact. Nobody look him in his eyes.”

Memphis Bleek claimed he didn’t have to abide by the ridiculous rule and made sure he got a look at MJ. “Me, I gotta see Mike. So I’m looking at everyone in the hallway facing the wall like, ‘These n-ggas is bugging,’” he added.

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