Blueface Posts Naked Photo Of His Son To Expose Medical Issue, Fans Call For Him And Chrisean Rock To Be Arrested

The Blueface and Chrisean saga continues to get more and more uncomfortable.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been embroiled in a world of drama as of late. Overall, there has been a lot of talk about their relationship, and even their son. The newborn child has been seen in some compromising positions, and people believe they are both unfit to be parents. Although no action has been taken against them, there are many people out there who would like to see some swift justice take place. If not, then something truly terrible could end up happening to the kid.

On Sunday night, things got very uncomfortable as it pertains to this saga. This is because Blueface posted a naked photo of his son. As the rapper suggests, he posted this photo to prove that his child has a hernia and that Chrisean has yet to get it operated on. He felt like posting this picture would expose his baby mother, however, it actually just made people feel uncomfortable. In the deleted tweets below, you can see Blue try to rationalize this, although to no avail.

Blueface Responds

For instance, he wrote: “haven’t seen rock make one move or decision right by the baby but you want to be mad at me for telling the truth she listens to comments an clout that’s it that’s y I bleed her online she acts right after guarantee that surgery get done before she do anything else an that I want.” That said, fans immediately went on the offensive on social media. In some tweets that can be found below, you will see just how outraged people were at the fact that he would post such images. In fact, most people want to see him underneath a jail.

Social Media Reacts

Others simply expressed concern for the baby and their well-being. It is clear their situation is not ideal, and people just want him to be okay. Whether or not there is any punishment for this act, remains to be seen. In a video, Chrisean was angered that Blueface divulged on the hernia stuff, but she has yet to comment on the photo. Overall, it is a bad situation, and someone needs to intervene.

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