HIPHOPRAISEDMETHEBLOG.COM FEATURE ALBUM REVIEW CRUNK -N- BUNK “UNDERGROUND KINGZ” always look for new artist to promote on our site. So in our email was an artist from out of the 5 Star City of Senatobia, Mississippi about 30 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee.

The album review of today comes from Mississippi Underground Royalty Crunk -N- Buck who dropped a new album Underground Kingz with features from Terror, Snubnoze, Playa Fly, Project Pat, Eightball & MJG, and more.

Crunk-N-Buck released his first project in “Blowing Up” in 2003, his second project “Undiscovered” in 07′ the mixtapes “State Issue With Da Buck 1 Limited Edition & Undiscovered in 2011. In 2012 Crunk-N-Buck released his third album “Microphone Money” his fourth album “Red Writing” in 2015 & his latest Underground Kingz which which was released on July 14, 2022

20 tracks primarily produced by Yung Traxx, & BeatMaker The Hitmaker. Immediately from the first track Hate To Love ft Playa Fly. You were brought into an untapped part of the country, the 5 star city of Mississippi with a population of 8,165. Crunk-N- Buck has a classic down south style. To describe the sound i would say a mixture of both vintage UGK, Eightball & MJG & No Limit Records artists.

When Andre 3000 belted “The South Got Something To Say ” at the Source Awards in 95′, many acts came and solidified the souths dominance in hip hop. However unlike the Big city’s like Atlanta, Ga, Birmingham Al, New Orleans LA, Jackson MS, Houston, Tx. Artist have to work twice as hard to get there music out there. Crunk-N- Buck epitomizes the saying got it out the mud.

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With influences like Three Six Mafia, Eightball & MJG, UGK, & Outkast. CruN-buCk create country-rap tunes, real feel good music that you can vibe to. Track no.2 “Money Calling” take it up another notch with a melodic hook that screams exactly what title of the song describes. Track no.3 “Going Up” has a more catchier approach with a simple everyday saying that everyone can relate to.

Track no. 4 ” Gangsta Walking” an ode to Memphis, Tennessee legendary hip hop group Three-Six Mafia & tribute to the dance craze popularized by creator Charles “Lil Buck” Riley, Kountry Black, Duke Duece & Glorilla. Track no.5 “Summer Slam” takes the listeners on play by play day of The biggest Car show in that region.

Crunk-N-Buck ft Konyak ~ “Smoke Something”

Track no. 6 is entitled “Smoke Something” ft Konyak which was accompanied by visuals which gives you a glimpse of their howtown & their favorite pass time. Production samples from the motion picture Friday from some of the movie’s funniest scenes. Track no. 7. “Feel So Good” ft Terror has a classic down south flow that made the South so loved amongst many.

Track no. 8 “Aint No Killa” ft J Cash. Takes a line from Tupac Shakur’s “Haile Mary” from off his final album 1996 Makaveli Killamunati 7 Day Theory.

I aint no killer but dont push me:

The choppa holding over 100 bullets

Both artist gave their version of warning those who go against the grain. Track No. 9 ” Purple” is a tribute to that drank made popular by many arists down south.

Track No. 10. ” To live & Die in The Sip” ft Guice & Jermaine Hussein. Takes the listeners to The Gulf Coast & Regardless of what you hear about Mississippi. Make no mistake the unity displayed on this track shows artist can come together for a bigger cause and show strength in numbers. Track no. 11 “Afrocentric” ft Hav, Mark Da Spot, & Mike LawryBaby. Reminded me of a Diplomats song off one of their mixtapes. The melanin was pushing the envelope on the on this one.

Track no. 12 “Long Live” a dedication to the fallen soldiers & loved ones which had a very sincere approach and relatable vibe. It had an anthem catchy type of hook that had me reciting the lyics. This personally is one of my favorites from off the album thus far.

Track no. 13 “Weeknd” a hood love story. That’s quite entertaining to listen to. Crunk-N-Buck takes a listeners to his vulnerability of being a thug in love. Any urban who can relate will appreciate this song..

Track no. 14 “3 AM ” ft The legendary Project Pat. Crunk -N- Buck sets the tone & gave this song an extra vibe while The energy driven song shows why Project Pat is such revered in this industry. Cant go wrong with a legend nor can you can go wrong when you can keep up lyrically.

Track no. 15 “Virgo” ft Tenia Stout Crunk-N- Buck takes its up with an astrology driven track with a cool catchy vibe. The feature Tenia Stout was walking on this track obviously they both belong to that astrological sign in the title. Pretty genius if you ask me.

Track no. 16 “Gumbo” is a spin on the mixture of ingredients of a favorite dish of the Gulf Coast. But in this case Crunk-N-Buck uses Gumbo as a metaphor for variety of women he likes or persues.

Track no. 17 “Strip Tease” sound like a strip club anthem. Reserved only for a private show. That only the baddest of baddies would dance at clubs like Magic City in Atlanta, Ga & KOD’s in Miami.

Track no. 18 Sunroof Back” ft the legendary 8 Ball & MJG with notable legends such as Orange Mounds Hip Hop Elite. You know Crunk-N-Buck is highly respected for his lyical abilities and being solid. Definitely one of the better songs on the album with all three emcee’s giving their all to the track. Making this song the most superior song on the whole project.

Track no. 19 “Weed Jars” ft Tina Jones . Every good album had a good weed anthem that advocates the indulgence of a the gift from the earth. This song is good song to roll up and zone out to. The Issac Hayes Sample took it up three knotches and made it a easy listen. Not to mention the creativity in the lyrics. Who dont like a good remixed melody??

Last but not least track no. 20 ” GoodBye ” A dedication to the day ones who was there from the beginning and met along the way during Crunk-N-Buck career. A song that is the 20/20 of lyrics to look back in hindsight to see the full picture and to be able to put it in the lyrics to complete a beautiful dedication song.

Overall I enjoyed Underground Kingz from Crunk-N-Buck. I give it a rating of 7 & 1/2 out 10. Only because some of the sounds very dated . Lyrically Crunk~ N~ Buck held his own and I loved being taken the 5 Star City of Mississippi. I recommend this album and suggest you recieve with an open mind and get put on game from our Artist Spotlight Feature.

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