Your ‘Threats’ Are SO Funny

NBA YoungBoy dissed J. Cole a few months ago for allegedly failing to come through on a feature — a pairing that was NEVER going to happen — and now Cole is barking back on a new track!!!

On Friday, the Dreamville rapper linked with Lil Yachty — who’s also been in YB’s crosshairs this year — for the track, “The Secret Recipe,” a stab at putting lyrical rap back into the commercial spotlight.

Cole addresses the YB dust-up midway through his verse with a dash of GTFOH … “N***as makin’ threats and I laugh, that’s ’cause you ain’t a threat/Don’t ask how I feel ’bout no rappers, shit, they okay, I guess/Incomin’ call, press the button, the one that says accept/He FaceTime to ask for a feature and saw the face of death…”

Yep, that collab is firmly in the coffin!!!☠️

Back in May, YB released the fiery “F**k the Industry Pt. 2″ taking shots at Drake, J. Prince and Cole … even threatening the Dreamville rapper for collabing with his nemesis Lil Durk instead of him — “J a ho, that n***a played it cold, like he was gon’ do a feature
So I texted his line a 💪🏾, I swear it’s gon’ be nice to meet you.”

Clearly, Cole’s shaking in his Air Jordan 1’s and Yachty, who was also sniped on the YB diss track, says he’s not looking for peace on the song either.

The social media jury is saying YB got cooked by Cole and Yachty’s recipe

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