Flo Rida‘s son’s mother is willing to settle with the companies she believes are responsible for the 6-year-old’s five-story fall – if they’re willing to fork over $40million.

According to documents obtained by TMZ on Thursday (October 5), Alexis Adams said she is willing to take $20 million each from the two sets of defendants to make her suit for her son’s fall go away

Back in March, Zohar Dillard fell five stories down from the Jersey City apartment building where he lives with his mother.

Zohar is a special needs child and reportedly has been diagnosed with autism and a brain condition called hydrocephalus. As a result of the fall, he suffered a shattered pelvis, metatarsal fractures, a liver laceration, internal bleeding and collapsed lungs.

Adams filed suit against the property management company, a window installer and a construction company the same month, blaming them for installing “incorrect sized guards” on the windows.

In June, Goldberg Management — the property management company involved – filed a motion to dismiss. The attorneys for the management company have categorically denied any responsibility for Zohar’s fall

While it has yet to be dismissed, TMZ reports “there’s no indication in the docs that any of the defendants are interested in paying that amount to resolve the case” as it pertains to the settlement offer.

Flo Rida was embroiled in a bitter battle with his ex over child support payments for Zohar for quite some time, but he was eventually ordered to hand over a substantial sum this past spring.

On May 25, Insider reported that a New York judge ordered the “My House” rapper to cough up monthly and annual payments totaling $500,000 to Adams.

The order, which was issued by Family Court judge Shira Atzmon, made clear that the rapper must pay $14,000 a month for child support, plus more than $2,200 a month for health insurance, and set up an escrow account for $300,000 for Zohar’s care. What’s more, Flo Rida was ordered to pay Adams $188,000 immediately, which would be used to cover Zohar’s school and other costs.

Though neither Flo Rida nor Adams issued a statement after Judge Atzmon’s ruling, Adams’ attorney Dror Bikel did speak to Insider. “She’s grateful to the court, and that it’s over,” he said.

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