Gillie Da Kid Reacts To Birdman’s Clubhouse Comments: “I’m Bigger Than That Ni**a Right Now”

We can hardly keep up with all the drama unfolding in the world of hip-hop lately.

For some listeners, Birdman’s recent Clubhouse conversation with Wack 100 and other industry executives gave an insightful look at what’s happening in the industry at this time. Others, however, like Gille Da Kid, weren’t so impressed with what the Cash Money Records CEO had to say about him. If you didn’t tune in, Birdman spoke candidly about what transpired between him and the podcaster that led to their falling out, though he said he has no “ill feelings” toward Gillie. Despite the mostly positive message, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game host wasn’t having it.

I’m bigger than Baby. Ain’t that [wild]?” the Philadelphia native said on Instagram Live earlier this week. “I’m bigger than that ni**a right now. I generate more money than that ni**a right now. I don’t wanna hear this s**t. Motherf**kers counting me out and I’m f**king bigger than you,” Gillie ranted, obviously in his feelings over what Birdman had to say about their past. “Shut up. Nobody give a f**k about you,” he publicly declared.

Gillie Da Kid is as Confident as Ever Amid Birdman Beef

Later on during the same stream, Gillie couldn’t help but point out that the Louisana native kept quiet on the matter for an awful long time. “Birdman waited so long to say something man, I can’t even respond when you say something 25 years later,” he called out his former mentor. “You only respond because you don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more… I done called you a b**ch a** ni**a for 25 years. 25 years later you respond… I see the way you treated a real ni**a, rest in peace Killer Stone. You could’ve never treated me like that though. Talkin, ‘I ain’t like what.’ Why it took you 25 years to say that though?” he added with a laugh.

Besides addressing his fallout with Gillie Da Kid on Clubhouse, Birdman was also asked about his relationship with Rick Ross. Though the former played a pivotal role in Rozay’s initial come-up, they’re allegedly no longer in contact. Read what else Birdman had to say about the situation at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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