Marlo’ Documentary Series Tells Story Of Man Who Inspired Iconic Character From ‘The Wire

The Wire’ fans can watch the ‘Marlo’ documentary series on the REPLIVE app or at theatrical screenings in three cities.

RepIt Productions and Southeast Productions released a three-part documentary series titled Marlo on Friday (October 13). The docuseries explores the life of former drug kingpin Marlow Bates a.k.a. Marlo Stanfield, who inspired the character of the same name from HBO’s acclaimed series The Wire.

Most people think Marlo is just a fictional character, but his real story is even more intriguing than how he’s portrayed in The Wire,” the documentary’s producer Azalaya Fraser said.

The documentary gives The Wire fans a glimpse at the real-life Stanfield Organization. Stanfield reflects on becoming an infamous figure in West Baltimore at the age of 24 and how it led to him spending 36 years in prison.

“The documentary made me ponder – who knows how Marlo would’ve turned out if he had grown up in a different environment,” director D’Oyen Fraser Sr. said. “This thought-provoking exploration of Marlo’s life invites viewers to contemplate the complex factors that shaped him into the figure we know today.”

Marlo is available to stream exclusively on the REPLIVE app. The documentary will also be shown at select theaters in three cities: Baltimore (October 16-18), Columbia, Maryland (October 21) and Harlem (October 28).

Tickets for the theatrical screenings are available here.

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