Cam’ron has been hinting on a new project for awhile now, so every so often we get the pleasure of getting a dose of that slick Harlem lyrical bravado that no one can deliver but the Diplomats C.e.o & new sports show host.

Cam’ron returns with a 60 second clip of him standing by an elevator in what looked like a housing project lobby dressed in the same attire which was popularized by the youth within the Boros of New York City & also seen in many photos with Mr. Nasir Jones way back during his illmatic days.

Cam’ron never disappoints as he takes us on a journey in a day in the life of his day to day moves, business ventures & lifestyle. Besides showing his veteran skill he cleverly titles the video dressed like nas in 94′. You just had to be there to understand the look & what the temperature was like in New York City in 1994.

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