Kid Cudi has officially released one of the two tracks he uploaded to SoundCloud last month to hype his upcoming album, and it comes packaged with a bonus.

On Tuesday (October 24), the Ohio native finally dropped “ILL WHAT I BLEED” on streaming platforms along with a music video reminiscent of the visuals for early-career hits “Mojo So Dope” and Cudderisback.” Sure enough, they were all directed by the same person, Jason Goldwatch

In a tweet prior to the video’s release, the 39-year-old wrote that he and Goldwatch will be “takin it back to 09 baby,” which is evident from their latest collaboration.

The fun-filled visual follows Cudi around Seoul, South Korea as he goes clothes shopping, dances in the street and tears it down on stage. It also features a cameo from his longtime collaborators Dot Da Genius and King Chip, as well as Ibn Jasper.

This is not the 2nd single yall, just a lil goodie from the album while u wait,” Cudi clarified of “ILL WHAT I BLEED” on Twitter. “OFFICIAL 2nd single will drop in a few weeks [alien emoji, rocket emoji, meteor emoji] and faces will fuckin melt.”

Watch the video below:

Last month, Kid Cudi announced that his new album INSANO wouldn’t be dropping in mid-September as planned, but he made it up to fans by releasing two new songs from the forthcoming project on SoundCloud: “ILL WHAT I BLEED” and “MOST AIN’T DENNIS.”

He shared the good and bad news on Twitter, explaining that he’s decided to delay INSANO to January 2024 because he needs more time to “present it in the best way.”

I want to make sure that everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself,” he told fans. “This album is amazing and I want to make sure I present it in the best way for y’all. That’s the bad news.”

He continued: “The good news is, since I’m doin this and I know you all are [fiending] to get a listen of the album, I’m releasing 2 new jams from INSANO [tonight] on soundcloud. Just for you. (And I promise I won’t take them down).

These songs are some of my favorites on the album and I really think you’ll dig em. I’m sorry for the delay everybody but I’m a perfectionist. And things gotta be right. I love y’all!!! Enjoy!”

The Lonely Stoner has promised several big-name features on INSANO, including Travis Scott, Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T and Lil Yachty. Between the original and deluxe versions, it’s expected to clock in at over 40 songs.

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