2 Chainz Says He Gets Anxious Trying To Keep Up With Lil Wayne

Even a rapper with as much experience as 2 Chainz still gets anxious.

Pretty much everyone agrees that Lil Wayne is a legend. Even other legends sometimes can’t help but be completely stunned by his talent. That was the case last month when Eminem tweeted about one particular Weezy lyric that blew him away. At the conclusion of the tweet, he even wishes that he had been able to come up with the lyric. Now with their second collaboration right around the corner, 2 Chainz spoke on stepping into the booth alongside a legend like Wayne.

I think me and him just have that chemistry. We enjoy working with each other a lot, and it’s a lot of respect there. And as I always say, steel sharpens steel,” 2 Chainz explained in a recent interview. He sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss the music he’s been working on with Lil Wayne. “So, it’s always that little piece of anxiety of knowing that this verse has to be better than the last one. I think it’s healthy. I think competition is healthy in any and everything that we do.” Fans are hoping that the competition spawns great results when the pair’s new album drops next month. Check out the lead single from the album below.

2 Chainz On Trying To Keep Up With Lil Wayne

Technically, the 2016 album COLLEGROVE is only credited to 2 Chainz in name. That’s because Lil Wayne was in a legal battle that didn’t allow him to release an album of his own. But he pops up frequently on the project and it’s gone down as functionally a concept album between the two. That’s why fans were so excited when a sequel was finally announced.

Their first official collaborative album between the pair Welcome 2 ColleGrove was announced earlier this month. Though fans have been waiting on the album for a while already, they won’t have to wait much longer. The project is arriving on November 17, less than a month from now. What do you think of 2 Chainz feeling anxious when rapping alongside Lil Wayne? Let us know in the comment section below.

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