Beanie Sigel has found a presidential candidate to replace Joe Biden that he would be happy endorsing in the upcoming election.

The Broad Street Bully isn’t typically one to get involved in politics, but he took to Instagram earlier this week to issue a PSA endorsing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the 2024 presidential election

This is actually the first time that me following a presidential campaign that I believe in the person that was running was honest,” he said. “I’m supporting for this upcoming campaign. I had a chance read over a lot of his policies and the things he wants to bring forth.

“This is the first time I believe that a person is trying to empower the people, especially my people. I believe he’s honest because you don’t have policies that’s over here and over there. Everything seems to work together and I really believe in it and I’m supporting his campaign.”

Beans continued: “I suggest that you support his campaign, especially in the tri-state area. You hearing it from me, Beanie Sigel and I’m supporting Kennedy.”

Watch the full endorsement clip below:

Initially with the Democratic Party, Robert F. Kennedy changed course and will be running as an independent. JFK’s nephew will face off with incumbent Joe Biden and possibly Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

An environmental lawyer before his politician days, Kennedy’s conspiracy theories when it comes to health have ruffled the feathers of medical professionals.

While Kennedy is set to run, don’t expect to see Kanye West’s name on the ballot in the 2024 election.

Rolling Stone received a statement from Ye’s personal attorney, Bruce Marks, last week stating that the rapper will be “winding down his campaign apparatus” and not running for office.

“He’s not a candidate for office in 2024,” Marks relayed.

While Kanye West is one to often change his mind, sources don’t think that will be the case here as they say the chances of a YE24 presidential bid are “beyond remote.”

Ye’s run in the 2020 presidential election saw him on the ballot in 12 states, where he racked up a minuscule 60,000 votes. His highest number of votes came in Tennessee (10,188).

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