Ma$e has reacted to the bombshell Dwight Howard sexual assault allegations stemming from an alleged 2021 threesome with another man and a transperson.

According to Radar Online, Howard admitted to a threesome with Stephen Harper and a trans person identified as “Kitty.” However, claims that it was consensual sex have been disputed by Harper in a new lawsuit following the 2021 exchange

Addressing the claims on Wednesday’s (October 25) episode of It Is What It Is, Ma$e called cap on the belief that “people don’t care what you do on your own time,” citing the reports tied to Howard as a reason he isn’t on an NBA roster this season.

“We gotta stop telling people, ‘I don’t care what you do on your own time.’ Because we do care… And women, you gotta stop. We gotta stop telling n-ggas, ‘What you do in your own personal time has nothing to do with me.’ It does matter. Those are the lies that are going on in society,” Ma$e began around the 43-minute mark.

We tell people it don’t matter but behind your back it matters. And that’s what we gotta first start off by saying. You hear Stat saying what people do in their bedroom, that’s between them. Not necessarily true but I understand. You telling them it don’t matter but then it does matter. Anybody watching this knows it does matter.”

He continued: “People will say, ‘It don’t matter.’ But as soon as they find out, it matters. So they outing them. When it comes down to making money off the story, it matters. When it comes down to who dating you it’s gonna matter. When it comes down to if you’re gonna be in the locker room with them, it matters. Because there’s about 30 teams who didn’t sign Dwight Howard because it matters.”

According to the lawsuit, Harper agreed to be at Howard’s house but was surprised when “Kitty” showed up and the former NBA All-Star voiced his expectations of a threesome.

“The second thing is that it’s consensual. It’s never consensual if you surprise someone,” Ma$e testified, which had Stat Baby and Cam’ron in stitches. “How could you say it’s consensual if it’s a surprise?

It Is What It Is has been a huge hit for Ma$e and Cam’ron, and the pair recently started a pause-worthy lyrical war on the show which looks like it could go on for a while.

On a recent episode, Murda brought up some questionable bars from Killa’s past, specifically “Gangsta” off The Diplomats‘ self-titled debut album in 2003.

What song is this?” Ma$e said between laughs. “It says: ”Cause I follow for figures, my hollow and triggers/ Swallow a n-gga like a bottle of liquor.’ What did you mean by that?”

Laughing, Cam replied: “Bet. I can’t wait.”

Apparently the war started previously on the show – and the fans were happy to help fuel it. “Soon as you said that yesterday they sent me all your lyrics,” Ma$e revealed. “You know n-ggas on Instagram is petty.”

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