Nicki Minaj has cleared up any misconceptions that she has beef with Kai Cenat after ending their recent Instagram Live  abruptly.

The original conversation went down on Wednesday (October 25), with Kai joining at one point and Funny Marco also joining. Following the former calling her “auntie” multiple times, Nicki ended Kai’s part of the conversation but laughed as she noted that people are going to think she did it on purpose

Taking to her Instagram Story shortly afterward, she cleared up the confusion. “The fact that some ppl still don’t understand me & Kai relationship chi,” she began. “We from the same county. We can both take it. Pauz. Or my relationship with funny Marco. Some pl be thinking Marco is a random crazy man on the live.”

She continued on, referencing her other relationships with rapper Akbar, her hair stylist Tae, City Girls rapper JT, DJ Funk Flex and Joe Budden: “Like that man is a star with his own brand. But y’all just peeped that they aggravate me just like Akbar do every time & yet I still add them to my lives. They get on my nerves how Tae be getting on my nerves. And JT. Flex. Joe.”

You can view the IG Live and Nicki’s post below:

Nicki Minaj is gearing up to release her new album Pink Friday 2, but will no longer be in an album sales showdown with her mentor Lil Wayne.

Nicki’s eagerly anticipated new album was supposed to arrive on November 17 — the same day as Wayne’s Welcome 2 ColleGrove collaboration with 2 Chainz.

But as she told fans on Instagram Live on Tuesday (October 24), the project has been delayed to her birthday, which falls on December 8.

During the livestream, the “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker said the decision to delay her album was quietly made “some time” ago and denied suggestions that her Young Money mentor had deliberately invaded her release date.

“I have changed my album date,” she said. “It’s been changed for some time now behind the scenes. As you can tell, Weezy and 2 Chainz, they announced their date, and you know how me and Weezy play.

“He would never do that if that was my album date, so I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of that. ‘Cause I saw some of you guys questioning that.”

She continued: “So I’ve changed my album date to — and it’s for a reason that the Barbz will be in agreement with, trust me. When I tell you why I’ve changed it, you will be like, ‘You did the right thing, Nick.’

“The new album date for this incredible body of work that I’m so proud of is on a very special day to me and to the Barbz […] Pink Friday 2, I’m so happy to announce, will be out on my birthday, December 8th.”

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