Sexyy Red and Sukihana have had enough of Khia dissing the current generation of female rappers, and sniped back directly at her.

In a scathing rant earlier this week, the “My Neck, My Back” rapper implored fans not to compare her to newer artists, who she believes are shamelessly pushing a “hoe” lifestyle

I’m ’bout tired of y’all comparing me to these hoes. I said my neck, my back, my pussy, and my crack,” Khia said. “Not these n-ggas out here, these hoes out here… I still stood 10 toes down like a motherfucking queen. Hair still wrapped like the first day.

“I ain’t changed a bit, okay. It’s respect me. It’s snatch the motherfucking cat back. It’s don’t trust no motherfucking n-gga. Get your own shit. It’s tell that n-gga to hit the motherfucking door.”

She added: “You wanna fuck these bitches, you wanna fuck these hoes. It ain’t eat no n-gga’s ass and suck no n-gga’s toes. Y’all hoes couldn’t have grown up listening to me because that ain’t how the fuck I roll.”

The 46-year-old continued by proudly reminding fans that her private life has never been on front street and her dignity has remained in tact since she rose to fame in the early 2000s.

“I been out here 25 years and y’all ain’t seen no pictures of my pussy, no videos of me sucking dick, my phone never been stolen and y’all ain’t seen me with no man, bitch,” she said, seemingly referencing Sexyy Red’s recent sex tape leak. “And I got a motherfucking husband.”

“Y’all ain’t never seen me do shit. Y’all ain’t seen no husband, no children, no n-gga I’m fucking… Y’all ain’t never seen me twerking, y’all ain’t seen my pussyhole from the back… Y’all ain’t got shit on the queen.”

Sexyy Red hopped into The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram comments section to put Khia on blast for hating on the younger generation of women rappers.

“Just another ol washed up h@g hating ona yung turnt rich bthc,” she wrote. “Hatin on btches den & you still ah mad hater.”

Sukihana addressed Khia’s comments on X and went so far as threatening to knock her out.

“I will knock khia tf out,” she wrote. “SUKIHANA is SUKIHANA a has been is a has been. I’m booked every weekend until next September of NEXT YEAR. I get it I’m ratchet but I live in my truth. Atlease I don’t sit in front of a library mad at trina everyday with 172 teeth in my mouth.”

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