NBA YoungBoy’s success can be largely attributed to his online presence and output, but he has run into big issues with YouTube after one of his uploads hit a legal roadblock.

On Friday (October 27), the Louisiana native shared a brief clip to his social media in which he went off on the video-sharing platform. This stemmed from the visual supplement for one of his songs being flagged for copyright violation only minutes after going live.

Stop blackballing me,” he said. “Suck my dick, I still don’t give a fuck. Fuck y’all!”

Check out the brief rant below:

NBA YoungBoy has never been one to back down from a fight, but even his most devoted fans were surprised by a recently resurfaced video of him from a 2019 arrest.

The undated footage went viral on social media earlier this month. In it, the Baton Rouge rapper can be seen pacing back and forth inside a holding cells, after which he goes up to a police officer and threatens violence.

The officer subsequently informed the “I Need To Know” rapper that he was in a holding cell and not a jail, meaning that he would be released as soon as his lawyer showed up.

2019 was a rough year for NBA YoungBoy. In addition to being arrested for marijuana possession, which is what the resurfaced video pertains to, he was locked up for three months that same year on a probation violation.

He was then placed on three years of probation with a suspended 10-year prison sentence after striking a plea deal in his 2016 shooting case. Although he stayed out of trouble for a while, he found himself in a precarious situation in May following a fatal shooting during the weekend of Rolling Loud Miami.

At a hearing later that month, District Judge Bonnie Jackson ruled that a social media post involving the incident constituted a probation violation and promptly sent him back to jail.

The rapper’s attorney said the shooting was an “assassination attempt” on his life, insisting he was the victim. Nevertheless, Jackson still penalized him for the event. YoungBoy was then placed on house arrest for 14 months to serve out the rest of his probation.

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