Suge Knight remains protective of his sincere affinity for 2Pac, which often involves him calling out those he believes have exploited the late rapper’s legend — including Warren G.

The debut episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight aired last week via Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media. Over the half-hour segment, the former Death Row boss referred to ’Pac as his “little brother” while setting the record straight about the latter’s relationship with Warren G

In particular, he addressed a Drink Champs interview from late August in which the G-funk pioneer revealed that he was about to step in when ’Pac was sent to prison in 1995.

“I was gonna try to bail [2Pac] out. I got beat to the punch,” he explained. “I was going to put up the money and I didn’t want nothing, I swear to God.”

Warren G, best stop lying — you didn’t fuck with ’Pac and ’Pac didn’t fuck with you,” Knight said in response to the above claim. “On top of that, you couldn’t take care of yourself, how were you gonna get ’Pac out of prison? Everybody, all of a sudden, they want to get ’Pac out of prison …”

Check out the episode below:

Also during the aforementioned Drink Champs interview, Warren G reflected on his the chance to change Hip Hop history. During his conversation with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, the “Regulate” hitmaker discussed having had the opportunity to defuse the West Coast–East Coast beef of the ’90s.

“I pulled up. Biggie was right there, we was chopping it up about everything,” he said about a conversation he had with The Notorious B.I.G. “Music with him and 2Pac, them having beef and shit. He was just like, ‘He tripping on me.’ He was telling me everything.

So I said, ‘How about this, this what I’ll do. When I get at ‘Pac, I’ll say I talked to this n-gga Biggie, and this what he said. You n-ggas get this shit together and stop that shit.”

The 52-year-old continued: “But I couldn’t get to [2Pac] because it was all the other muthafuckas that was around, to really talk to him about what [Biggie] said. I was trynna get the message to him.”

Noreaga then chimed in, asking if Warren G could’ve somehow stopped the feud between Biggie and ‘Pac.

“It probably wouldn’t have been as bad,” the Long Beach native agreed. “Well, I would’ve pulled [2Pac] to the side and really talked to him. Like, ‘Look, this what this n-gga told me.’”

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