EXCLUSIVE – Fabolous has provided details about DJ Envy reaching out to him to participate in the real estate ventures that have since landed the latter in legal trouble.
On Saturday (October 28), the 45-year-old performed at the One Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. While he was there, HipHopDX had a chance to ask him about the phone call from The Breakfast Club host and how he reacted to the offer

“He was tellin’ me about some real estate stuff,” he began. “I’m just a guy that gotta see things through a little bit more. I don’t just get hyped at … y’know, it be a lotta ‘get money’ — I don’t want to call it a scam or a scheme — but a lotta ‘get money’ ideas that come to you, so I just gotta see ’em through.

“So even with that phone call, I was like, ‘Aight,’ but I wasn’t like, ‘Sign me up, [who] do I give my money to?’ Y’know what I mean, and I didn’t really hear back from [him].”

He then added with a smirk: “And we see how it played out.”

For months now, DJ Envy has been linked to a scandal involving his former business partner and alleged real estate scammer, Cesar Pina, who was recently arrested for wire fraud.

As the details surrounding the ordeal began making the rounds online last month, old clips of Envy talking about its validity started surfacing on social media. One clip in particular took the cyberspace by storm as it showed the radio personality admitting to being warned against the undertaking in its earliest stages.

When I first got into real estate,I called three people,” he said in the viral video from a 2021 episode of Maino’s Kitchen Talk podcast. “I called [DJ] Clue, I called Fabolous, I called Joe Budden.”

“I said, ‘Hey guys. I’m doing real estate. This is something that I think you should invest a little bit of money in, try it out. That way you can do it.’ Joe Budden told me it was a Ponzi scheme and I was going to go to jail.”

Earlier this year, Budden recalled said conversation on an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast.

“He calls me, and starts talking about some real estate shit,” Budden said. “For me, that’s odd. We don’t speak. And now you’re calling me, telling me that your man’s with the government and he could get the buildings.

“And there’s a list and it’ll be me, you, and Queen Latifah — whatever the fuck he was saying, because … I stopped listening at this point. But that just sounded fishy.”

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