Joe Budden has had to face many people over the years who he might have made comments about, but was surprised Cesar Pina’s brother pulled up on him following his recent real estate comments.

The rapper-turned-podcast host previously alleged that DJ Envy and Pina engaged in a real estate “Ponzi scheme” and wanted no part of it when Envy tried to bring him in on a deal.

Pina’s brother, Luchie Rentals, posted footage confronting Budden and a female friend outside a restaurant in New Jersey earlier this week

That’s Joe Button?” Luchie asked, to which Budden responded: “Get your phone out my face.”

“Pizza Pizza what’s up?” Luchie went on while mocking Budden’s Little Caesars comments from last month.

“Aight, you gonna make me do something,” Budden said before avoiding the situation and heading inside.

Luchie continued to wait outside for Joe Budden before watching him head out in a Black SUV.

“You see Mr. Buttons,” he said. “What’s up Joey Buttons? Tough guy. Pizza pizza you corny ass n-gga.”

Luchie Rentals added in his caption: “you see the work @joebudden don’t run don’t call the cops @akademiks flipping_nj @jennitips pizza pizza @choda_83 don’t spray the button.”

Pina himself had some fun with the exchange by reposting it to his IG. “I guess @joebudden isn’t a @luchie_rentals fan,” he captioned the post. “I sent his companion a drink Flipping NJ aka [pizza pizza] Or maybe I should have door dashed it. Bumping into somebody in real life is different than talking about them on social media.”

Watch the drama unfold below:

Cesar Pina was arrested last month on federal charges alleging that he ran “a multimillion-dollar Ponzi-like investment fraud scheme.”

Victims claim he stole millions of dollars from them while promising he’d reinvest their cash for profit which they claim wasn’t the case.

The case alleges that Pina used his close ties to DJ Envy to promote his fraudulent real estate business. However, Envy denies any involvement or knowledge of the scheme and claims he’s a victim in this that had money stolen as well.

Budden reacted to Pina being busted by the feds on his podcast last month where he recalled Envy trying to get him involved in the business.

He left a lot out of this. In this clip he make it sound like I was the dumbest n-gga in the world,” he said. “There’s nothing scammy about investing in real estate… In this clip it sounds like I had no understanding of that… Oh you left a lot out in this story, buddy.

“Once y’all saw pictures of DJ Envy and Cesar at a podium in an auditorium, all of y’all n-ggas should’ve ran. They looked doofy as hell in them pictures.”

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