Joyner Lucas Scraps His New Album For Being “A Little Too Left Field”

Fans will have to wait even longer for a new project from Joyner Lucas.

Fans of Joyner Lucas have been waiting a while for his sophomore album. His debut ADHD dropped back in 2020 and while it was met with a lot of eye rolls from critics, the album still has a dedicated fan base. Lucas hasn’t been quiet since then releasing quite a few singles and a number of high-profile collaborations. But after hearing fan responses from those tracks, he’s changing direction.

In a new Instagram post, he announced that he’s deciding to scrap the album he’s been working on. “Here’s the truth. I started the album over 2 years ago. I finished it about 5 months ago. Wanted to create something different than the typical joyner so I started experimenting. I dropped a few records and a lot of the feedback I was getting wasnt too good,” he began the post. “I realized that over 70% of the music on there was a little too left field. After hearing some of your feedback on a few joints I decided to scrap the album and restart over again and that’s what I been doing,” he continues. Check out the full post below

Joyner Lucas Scraps His More Experimental Album

Later in the post he goes on to explain that the process is very fluid and there are some collaborations he did that he still wants to release. “I had a lot of features from artists i feel you wouldn’t have wanted to hear me collaborate with. So now I am creating the album in real time and I’m constantly adding to it. I’m listening to your opinions on what you don’t like and what you like and im scrapping things and replacing it with other things that I know you will love.”

He concludes the message by apologizing for the long wait fans have gone through for a new album. What do you think of Joyner Lucas choosing to scrap his album after fans didn’t vibe with some of the singles? Let us know in the comment section below.

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