Azealia Banks has insulted someone new, but in the same breath appeared to raise the white flag with a previous target.

On Saturday (November 4), the controversial rapper took to her Instagram Stories, where she dished out an apology to Lizzo while seemingly trying to ignite a new beef with Busta Rhymes.

I was having a conversation last night and realized that I owe @lizzobeeating a huge apology for popping so much shit,” she wrote, before moving on to Busta.

“If hip hop will allow a 55+ severely overweight @bustarhymes who exhibits major signs of anabolic steroid abuse, adrenal gland failure, and constipation, and will also allow him to have a face full of blackheads and acne from what appears to be testosterone shot abuse ALL whilst drinking molly water in 2023 and wearing cartoon-like Neon yellow fake gold slick Rick chains……We have absolutely no right to be trying to skewer a YOUNG black woman – for anything,” she wrote.

The comments signal an evolution for Banks regarding her opinion of Lizzo. In 2019, she had a very different take on the “Good As Hell” singer’s stardom.

“The fact that the public and the media has been keeping this fat girl joke going for so long is honestly peak boredom,” she wrote at the time. “This song is not good nor is the dumpy fat girl spectacle live set she does. Saddest bit is that the girl is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine so long as she allows herself to be this millenial mammy of sorts,”

Later in the comments, she suggested “[Lizzo] looks like she is making a fool of her black self for a white American public,” HotNewHipHop reported at the time.

It’s been a busy year for Banks, who has fired off shots at a variety of celebrities including Drake, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj — encouraging her to divorce her “enabler man” — Doja Cat, D.C. Young Fly, and his late girlfriend Jacky Oh.

More recently, she poked fun at Drake amid his For All the Dogs spat with Joe Budden. She offered her thoughts about the OVO boss asserting his success.

“Does drake know his nose job and liposuction is not Hip Hop??” she shared on her Instagram Story. “Does drake know that no one who actually understands Hip Hop — a culture born from oppressed, don’t reeeeeeeeallly care about his soft-toothed colonized confused mixed-race facsimile attempts to exhibit the true authenticity of an actual MC?

Does drake know his desperate attempts to gangsterize Canadian ‘street life’ is an all encompassing failure in and of it itself?”

Meanwhile, Busta has not responded to Banks’ slight.

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