Adam22 Blasted By O-Block Member For Bringing Him Up In Sidney Starr Interview

Shoebox Baby wants a deal: Adam will stop mentioning him “on some snitch s**t,” and he won’t bring up all his “freaky s**t.”

Adam22’s recent interview with Sidney Starr ended up ruffling a lot more feathers than he probably expected. Moreover, it caught the attention of Chicago’s O-Block member and rapper Shoebox Baby, who took issue with the No Jumper host mentioning his name. Instead of this, he wants to make a deal with Adam when it comes to how they treat each other online. First, the media personality must stop speaking on Shoebox’s name in the streets and on a platform that doesn’t speak for him. Then, the MC will ignore all of Adam’s “freaky s**t” that’s resulted in a lot of headlines.

“Don’t put my name in none of that s**t, gang,” Shoebox Baby’s “PSA” against Adam22 began. “If it got something to do with some punk s**t, some b***h s**t, some snitch s**t, don’t say my name with that s**t. I know it be all fun and games, but don’t be playing like that, man. You got people sitting there and s**t when I don’t even play like that. ‘Cause I don’t play with you when you be doing all type of super-duper-freaky-a** s**t, gang. So don’t be doing that, for real, gang. Just ’cause you might be going that way don’t mean I be playing like that

Shoebox Baby Goes Back & Forth With Adam22: Watch

“[Let me turn off] the Chicago wave real quick,” Adam22 responded in a clip. “So, Shoebox Baby was a little upset that I was interviewing his favorite transmission, Sidney Starr, and I mentioned his name. So I go back, I have to watch the clip, I have to see what exactly I said. Because I don’t remember anything I say on the podcast. The only thing I said was just confirming that he’s too young and that she’s older. She would’ve never ran into him when she was running around O-Block doing God knows what to God knows who. Shoebox Baby is jealous and p*ssed off that he’s being left out of the narrative. He’s mad, he wants to be the O-Block tangerine, I’m not having it! Shoebox Baby, stop clout-chasing and keep your d**k out of them transmissions.”

Meanwhile, what do you think about all this? What other antics do you expect Adam, O-Block, and Sidney will get into? Drop your thoughts on all this in the comments section down below. Also, check back in with HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Adam22, the O-Block crew, and Sidney Starr.

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