Fabolous is none too impressed with a mural that recently went up in his hometown of Brooklyn that also features JAY-Z and Biggie, among others.

A video of the mural, which includes Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def and Papoose as well, made its rounds on social media on Saturday (November 4) – and eventually caught the eye of Fab

Nah what block is this? We gotta knock this wall down,” he wrote with a laughing emoji in the comments.

You can check out the mural below:

A similar issue happened in Brooklyn just earlier this year when an equally unimpressive mural of the late Pop Smoke went up. The mural features Pop posing with his signature braids and one of his hands holding his chin. His watch and rose tattoo on his back hand are also visible in the mural.

Although details about the artist who made the mural and the location of the artwork have not been revealed, it went viral in April, following the countless retweets with jokes about the painting.

“Looks like a black ET #phonehome,” one person wrote in response to Daily Loud‘s posting of the image. Another joked: “Dat aint pop smoke thas juice air.”

In other Fabolous news, he recently caught up with HipHopDX and revealed that he’ll soon release a project called The Reload, which he’s been steadily working on since the pandemic.

“I’m working on a new project. It’s called The Reload,” he explained. “I’m actually trying to figure out when to be able to release it. Again, this project is stemming from places where I’m at now versus — I wanna say I’ve been working on it for a little while so it’s probably from around now to about 2019, 2020. So really with me working all through that time, I was able to give little pieces of myself in different times.”

He continued: “I think the last piece I had gave was the Summertime Shootout [3] in 2019 and that was kind of fresh off the pandemic, but the music was kind of before the pandemic, which was weird,” he continued. [Editor’s note: the pandemic did not actually begin until March 2020, but the tape was released in December 2019.]

“You kind of make music sometimes – unless you JAY-Z and you just write that week and put the album out that week – but you kinda make music recapping your life. So that’s why that project didn’t really recap the COVID experience, but there’s some of it in this project too. I think a lot has changed in our lifestyles and music and everything since COVID.”

After explaining how he made some changes during that time, Fab explained why the project is named The Reload: “[The pandemic] really made you analyze certain things in life and in music and I think even through there, I’ve grown and people have grown and your fans continue to grow that’s why it’s kinda called The Reload because it’s kind of like, me reloaded kind of thing.”

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