Jim Jones might not have thought entirely through his response.

Last week, New Orleans rapper Dee-1 called out Jim Jones, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross. The issue at the core of his callout was their promotion of violent lyrical themes through their music. Meek already responded to the callout, answering back almost immediately. “I was rapping this way when I became the face of reform. That’s how I got there y’all forgot that fast,” he said in his response on Instagram.

Now, Jim Jones is also getting involved with a response of his own. In an interview with Sway Calloway he defended himself against the allegations. “I don’t care about what [Dee-1] said. That boy don’t know me. I know his trick. He using my name for fame. It’s all good … I do more in one month for people than he’ll ever do in his whole life. I really give back to the people, I don’t care about none of the rhetoric he talking about,” Jones responded. He also spoke on the good things he’s brought despite the violent content of his work. “In real life, I do a lot for the people. Let’s line up the statistics. You talking or you doing? You talk a good one. What have you done?” Check out the full interview segment below

Jim Jones may have also accidentally strengthened Dee’s argument when he threatened the rapper. “I don’t like to hear people mention my name, especially when you don’t know me. Because that’s very touchy. You gotta watch whose names you mentioning out here. Because my little cousin might not like how you mentioned my name. And then he might want to slap a dread out your head just ‘cause he don’t understand that you using my name for fame … I’m not promoting violence. I’m just saying that when you do certain things, there’s a reaction for every action,” Jones explained.

Rick Ross is left as the only one left who hasn’t responded to the claims yet. He and Meek Mill just released a collaborative album today. Because of his close contact with meek recently, Ross may not feel the need to acknowledge the situation at all. What do you think of Jim Jones’ response to Dee-1 calling him out for his violent lyrics? Let us know in the comment section below.

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