Big Daddy Kane has shown some love to Lady London following an impressive display of bars.

On Friday (November 10), Kane took to Instagram, where he re-posted a video clip of fellow rapper Lady London doing her thing on the mic as part of Red Bull’s 60 Second Freestyle series.

Say it with my chest, ’cause I’m the best to ever do it/ And my wrist is like the wettest, so it’s best to call me fluid/ You know God has just been blessing me with every opportunity/ I look into the crowd and can’t ignore that I influence it/ I see patterns — no, I see past ’em/ Like Saturn, I got all of these rings that I back slap ’em, whack, whack ’em/ And now all of these rappers is backtracking, backpacking/ I have carried the game in my knapsack,” Lady raps.

“Lyric Lovers, first listen to the Barz. Then listen again to the flow changes. We’ll wait until next week to discuss that Saturn line. @ladylondon #redbullsixtysecondsolo #twerkfreebarz,” Kane captioned the clip.

Watch Lady London’s performance below

This gave me Ladybug Mecca vibes and cadence [fire emoji],” wrote one fan in the comment section. “Lady London is the absolute truth. Bars, cadence, tone. She took her time, but I promise she’s about to be in the top spots conversation,” penned another.

The clip also caught the attention of Public Enemy frontman Chuck D, who chimed in, writing: “FEMALE IS THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP!

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Kane has shown the “Yea, Yea” rhymer some love.

Earlier this year, while a guest on radio station 97.9 The Box, the “Smooth Operator” gave flowers to J. Cole, all the while shouting out Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, and Lady London.

J. Cole is my hero,” he said when asked which new-generation rappers inspire him. “That’s my dude right there. J. Cole is my hero. I love Kendrick as well. Rhapsody, Lady London. Lady London is a monster. She is incredible.”

Kane also saluted the trio of Quavo, Offset, and the late TakeOff, comparing them to a pioneering group from Hip Hop’s early days.

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