Lil Scrappy has announced he’s pivoting his career and setting his sights on the silver screen and the recording studio.

On Friday (November 10), the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum took to social media where he revealed he’s moving on from his stint on reality TV.

No more tv screens just movie money ain’t got time for the games ya dig,” he began on Instagram. “We finna take this movie and mursic [sic] to another level and let the women have the tv , new music and movies going up jack , working working and getting da monions.”

“God gone move regardless so you gotta move regardless so you gotta stay on it,” he concluded.

Yeah God ain’t for everybody and pressure gone buss dem old pipes jack but look out for me and my brudda @khaotic305 show coming soon we looking for the right ones lol [laughing emoji] or hundreds,” he captioned the post, seeming to suggest that he’s got a new project on the way.

Check out the post below.

The Atlanta rapper has been quiet on the music front in recent years, in the aftermath of his public split from his wife and Love & Hip Hop co-star Bambi.

In September, Scrap delivered a message about mental health where he encouraged young men to seek help when faced with emotional distress, while touching on his personal experience.

All my men right here. Talking to the men. Let’s work on getting some help, like talking to somebody,” he began, before highlighting the double standard he believes men face on social media when speaking their truth.

“I can tell social media ain’t made for men to speak their truth — ain’t made for men to do none of that. That’s for women,” he continued.

When men speak their truth on here — we crying or shut up — why y’all coming on here doing that? But when women do it, it be like okay. YBecause it’s a place that all women be on — women be on social media like 30,000 a day. You know what I’m saying? That’s their life. Some of them. Not all of them.”

The 39-year-old went on to caution viewers on where they receive advice, explaining not everyone is looking out for your best interests.

But, at the end of the day for men when you begin talking and shit, I think we should go straight to get some help. ‘Cause I had to do that too. Y’all go get some help. Talk to somebody else. Don’t talk to these people because they can’t help you, can’t do nothing for you but speak their opinion and some of their opinions are wrong as fuck,” he concluded.

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