R. Kelly Sues Prison Workers And Tasha K For Alleged Info Leaking Scheme

The singer is claiming his privacy was infringed upon.

R. Kelly is heading back to court, though this time its civil court rather than criminal. That’s because according to TMZ he just filed a new lawsuit at what he alleges is a scheme used to leak his private information. Named in the suit is the U.S. Government, a handful of employees at a Chicago prison, and blogger Tasha K. The suit accuses the employees of taking documentation on what Kelly was doing through internal computers and communicating it to Tasha, who then published it on her blog.

R. Kelly has been making these claims since long before the lawsuit. But now he’s officially taken legal action at the entire scope of the scheme. Consequently, he’s calling out some of the videos Tasha posted for deliberately harming his reputation and causing him emotional distress. She’s already answered for the allegations before they were elevated to a legal level. Tasha denies any wrongdoing or being part of any scheme. Check out her addressing the allegations below.

R. Kelly Accuses Tasha K Of Scheming To Violate His Privacy

For Tasha K, being sued by a major artist is nothing new. Cardi B famously took the blogger to court for defamation and won. Since the verdict Tasha and her lawyers have been hunting for any way to avoid paying Cardi the full payout she’s owed. But the rapper’s lawyers have been quick to fight back and seem ready to drag out the legal drama for as long as it takes.

R. Kelly news has been pretty slow in recent months. The most recent legal development for the singer came back in August. Additionally he’s being ordered to pay $10.5 million to a group of victims after making threats to stop their screening of Surviving R. Kelly. What do you think of R. Kelly’s newest lawsuit accusing multiple parties conspiring to violate his privacy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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