Hit-Boy has learned about the industry’s highs and lows through personal experience, and he’s currently enjoying the highs as he’s been able to buy a house he once couldn’t afford to rent.

On Monday (November 13), the Grammy-winning producer took to Instagram to post a video of a meeting where his “dream estate” in Beverly Hills, CA, was being designed

Some of y’all might remember when i went on akademiks podcast and talked about falling on hard times back around 2017,” he wrote. “crzy how life works i just bought the property in beverly hills i was renting then and couldn’t afford at the time and now im designing my dream estate on it. [praying hands emoji] stay focused stay motivated keep going.”

Check out the post below:

Back in 2022, Hit-Boy revealed he went broke within just a few years of producing JAY-Z and Kanye West’s multi-platinum hit “N-ggas In Paris” in 2011.

During an appearance on Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast, the King’s Disease hitmaker opened up about blowing through all of his money after the success of his Watch The Throne placement and the lucrative deals that followed, admitting he found himself alone and crying on the floor of his home.

Hit-Boy’s financial struggles weren’t down to frivolous purchases or foolish investments, though, but due to him sharing the spoils of his success with his friends and collaborators in an effort to uplift them. Things soon spiraled out of control, though, leaving the producer at rock bottom with zero dollars in his bank account.

“At 24, I had a big-ass label and artist deal with Jimmy Iovine — this is coming off ‘N-ggas In Paris,’ like the height, height, height of being a poppin’ producer,” he explained. “I get a deal, I get M’s, I go get a crib in Tarzana in the Valley. I move all the homies in, the homies start moving their homies in, their homies start moving their homies in, and it just got incredibly fucked up.

I got a big-ass mansion with five studios in it, all my artists living with me. It was just a recipe for disaster. But that’s what n-ggas come from. N-ggas come from having nothing so when you come up, you wanna put your homies on, you wanna have them opportunities to provide. But that shit don’t always work out how you think it’s gonna work out.”

He continued: “I turned up 2012, got dumb bread; by 2017, I was laying on my ground with zero dollars in my account after having millions, balled up in [the fetal position], crying. Nobody around me, by myself, and I was living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. I blew it. I was investing in the homies, I was putting up money for everybody around me.

“And mind you, ‘Sicko Mode’ had been recorded, at least Drake’s first part to my part of the beat that I gave Travis. All type of shit was going on, but I still was like, ‘Yo, I got no money in my account.’ I can’t reach the n-ggas that manage me — at the time it was Roc Nation. I’m just completely on my own. I had no money in my account, bro.”

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