Rap-A-Lot artist HoneyKomb Brazy appears to be home from prison after much speculation on social media.

The Alabama native took to Instagram Live to reveal that he was free, much to the surprise of people who thought he wouldn’t be free after he was hit with a 15-year jail sentence based on a probation violation.

During his time in prison, HoneyKomb Brazy spoke out about the conditions in a message posted to social media, which read, “I’ve been at Limestone Correctional Facility for just nine days, and they’ve subjected me to five shakedowns already. This is an institution marked by racial bias, with officers using derogatory language and racial slurs. I’m currently in solitary confinement without any disciplinary reports or explanations.”

You can hear his full video below.

In ,2021, Honeykomb Brazy was arrested for his participation in a shootout that took place right before his grandparent’s funeral.

Brazy’s grandparents were shot to death and then had their house burned down. The police believe they were killed by Brazy’s opps. When Brazy returned home to Alabama for the funeral, he got into a gunfight that ended up posted on social media.

The gunplay violated his probation, and Brazy got 13.5 years.

This week, he is home ten years early.

Will he try to avenge his grandparents, or will the Rap-a-lot affiliate try to stay out of prison?

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