Suge Knight continues to spill the tea with claims that are bound to change the public’s perception of his former associates, and he’s now alleged that Jewell has blood on her hands.

On the most recent episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, which aired on Thursday (November 9) via Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media, the gangsta rap mogul went into detail about how much he helped the “First Lady of Death Row Records” despite the singer not pulling her weight.

Jewell never put an album out,” he began. “She had a brand-new Volvo, she got a check every month, her bills was paid. I paid damn-near 200-and-something thousand dollars for the fat-people surgery to get shit cut out and sucked out.”

He then switched to the subject of keeping his artists out of legal trouble, namedropping yet another star who used to be signed to his label.

“Nate Dogg robbed seven Taco Bells,” he claimed. “He must’ve got 35 years — I paid half a million dollars to make sure he didn’t get no time.”

Moving back to Jewell, Knight then made a jaw-dropping accusation about the late singer. “Jewell killed a mothafucking man — I paid $700,000 to make sure she didn’t do a day in prison.”

Listen to the Compton native talk about allegedly covering up for Death Row artists back in the ’90s around the 25:21 mark below:

During the same podcast, Knight disclosed the name of the mystery woman who played an important role in getting 2Pac released from prison.

“[The] only person [who] made it happen, to let me know to get ’Pac out of prison was a girl named Keisha,” he revealed. “That is the baddest bitch in the world. If it weren’t for Keisha, you guys wouldn’t have heard All Eyez On Me or all the other hits he did

It is worth noting that 2Pac was reportedly married to a woman named Keisha Morris from 1995–1996, but Knight never confirmed that or said her full name during the podcast.

He remembered how she would call his office “every fucking day,” saying that she was the California MC’s wife and that he needed the Death Row Records boss’ help, after which Knight finally spoke to her. Soon after, he took a flight to visit ‘Pac in prison — even though he had on an ankle bracelet — and that would be the first time the two ever met

Keisha made that happen,” he reiterated before transitioning to the subject of their legendary alliance beginning to take shape.

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