Kanye West Premieres New Song “Vultures” Ft. Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Durk, And Bump J

The lyrics are also somewhat controversial.

Renowned rap icon Kanye West has made a return to the music scene with his latest track, “Vultures,” featuring collaborations with Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Durk, and Bump J. DJ Pharris exclusively premiered the song during his Friday night show on Chicago’s Power 92 radio station, marking a highly anticipated comeback for the artist. In fact, “Vultures” is Ye’s first song in a minute. As fans might recall, Kanye faced severe backlash for his series of antisemitic comments and messages on social media. He previously has made inflammatory statements, including threatening to go “death con 3 on Jewish people,” referencing a “Jewish underground media mafia,” and expressing controversial admiration for Hitler on InfoWars, asserting that he can perceive some positive qualities in the historical figure

Moreover, the release of “Vultures” is poised to reignite controversy. The track showcases West’s unapologetic approach, as he addresses the previous controversy head-on through provocative lyrics. One notable line includes, “How am I antisemitic? I just f**ked a Jewish b**ch.” The song’s debut on Power 92 adds an extra layer of significance, given Kanye’s deep ties to Chicago, his hometown. DJ Pharris’s platform provided the perfect stage for the unveiling of “Vultures,” creating a buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. Other standout lyrics include, “I just f**ked Scooter’s b**ch and we ran up like Olympics. Got pregnant in the threesome, so whose baby is it? Who’s baby is it?”

Kanye Premiered The Song On A Chicago Radio Station

Vultures” not only marks Kanye’s musical comeback but also highlights his ability to collaborate with other prominent artists. Ty Dolla Sign and Lil Durk’s contributions add a dynamic element to the track, showcasing a blend of diverse talents within the rap genre. Moreover, Kanye has been reportedly in Saudi Arabia working on this album. The joint project with Ty Dolla Sign still doesn’t have an official release date either, but at least we have one song for now to hold us over.

As the industry eagerly awaits the full release of the collab album, Kanye West’s return to the spotlight is undoubtedly accompanied by a renewed sense of anticipation and speculation. The controversial nature of his recent lyrics will likely fuel discussions and debates within both the music community and the broader public. However, this further solidifying Kanye’s status as a provocative and polarizing figure in contemporary rap

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