Will Smith has had another controversial claim made about him by a former assistant. This time it’s that he allegedly assaulted his wife Jada Pinkett Smith after he caught her in an intimate moment with singer-songwriter Marc Anthony.

The latest jaw-dropping allegation comes from Smith’s former assistant Brother Bilaal, who recently sat down with blogger Tasha K. In the interview, he gave his take on the dynamics of the superstar couple

Will’s comfortable with someone fucking his wife when he’s there. It’s when he’s not there, it’s the insecurities,” he began, suggesting the pair often welcomed others into their quarters. “There’s a comfortability when men and women come into have sex with them. Will’s fine with that.”

However, according to Bilaal, things would take a dark turn after the Fresh Prince walked in on his wife having sex on their sofa with Anthony, unattended

Will lost it and beat the shit out of Jada — I mean beat the dogshit out of her. So bad that they had to make a makeshift hospital in their home so that it couldn’t get out to the public,” he continued.

“That pain of Will seeing Jada fucking Marc Anthony on the couch in their home — he know they were already fucking on the set [of Hawthorne] — this is fact. He just couldn’t take it and he whipped her ass.”

He went on to allege that after the beating, the Set It Off actress had to get reconstructive surgery “around her cheeks and all that stuff.”

Bilaal provided no evidence for his stories, and the Smiths have denied (and threatened legal action over) other parts of his interview

Bilaal suggested that Smith was so torn over his wife’s “full-on” fling with Anthony that it led to suicidal thoughts. It also played a role in the split between Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Bilaal said.

Speaking of how he learned of the incident, Bilaal claims to have talked to Will — a “basket case” at the time.

This is not the first time Smith’s ex-assistant has made bombshell claims about the Smith family.

Earlier this week, a clip from the interview made its rounds on socials in which, speaking of intimate moments he had with their family, Bilaal recounted an incident where he was trying to find the Men in Black star, only to discover him having sex with Martin in the latter’s dressing room.

He said: “I opened the door to Duane’s dressing room and that’s when I see Duane having anal sex with Will. There was a couch and Will was bent over the couch and Duane was standing up killing him, murdering him. It was murder in there.”

In the days since, Jada has responded to the allegations about Will Smith and Duane Martin, revealing that she and Will plan to take legal action against Bilaal.

It’s ridiculous,” she said during a visit to The Breakfast Club. “This is a person that tried a money shakedown that didn’t work. We’re going to take legal action because it’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody versus just making up salacious, malicious stories.”

After explaining that the entire matter is rooted in salty business dealings between Smith and Bilaal, she briefly talked about how her husband has dealt with the ongoing situation.

Here’s one good thing about Will,” she explained. “He’s always going to find the funny, y’know what I’m saying? […] You just got to laugh about it.”

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