ATLANTA, GA – Big Boi has given Atlanta’s mayor Andre Dickens a tour of his new Porsche supercar.
In a video posted to Instagram on Sunday (November 19), the OutKast rapper can be seen attending a car showroom to pick up the vehicle, which he notes is electric.

In a separate clip, seemingly shot after Big Boi picked up the car, he can be seen hanging out with Dickens and letting him sit in the driver’s seat.

“I had to get the mayor of Atlanta in my shit!” Daddy Fat Sax exclaims in the video. “This shit so fresh, boy. I’ve been doing shows all year — this my gotdamn treat to myself.”

I see them TVs in the back. I see you got the cranberry guts!” Dickens says while marvelling at the car’s interior, to which Big Boi jokingly replies: “It’s about to be Thanksgiving, you like your cranberry? You like your shit jelly?”

Check out the clip below:

It’s not the first time Big Boi and Andre Dickens have crossed paths as the pair attended a Major League Baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies together earlier this year.

Dickens came to power following a controversial runoff election that featured many Hip Hop stars and accusations of smears from the loser in the campaign, Felicia Moore

Moore accused rappers such as T.I. of spreading false information regarding her manifesto, saying: “I never even discussed strip clubs since the general election. They just made up stuff, and it’s just sad that, you know, good people try to run to serve because they have a heart for the people in the city and they get torn down by misinformation and used by celebrities and their influence and social media outreach to slander someone’s name and lie.”

T.I. later responded to the claims: “She say that celebrities shouldn’t even be involved with politics. That sounds eerily similar to when people said to LeBron, ‘Shut up and dribble,’ You see, it’s that very energy, the tone of that, is the reason why you aren’t fit to sit in the seat of the mayor of Atlanta. You don’t understand, you dig? We run this town.”

Killer Mike also answered Moore’s statement: “We have two progressive victories in metro Atlanta and instead of celebrating them we’re on TMZ talking trash. I think it’s low class, I think it’s evil, I’m glad that we have the mayor we have but more than that I’m glad we have an artistic community

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