Digga D Receives Trailblazer Award For Bringing U.K. Drill To The Masses

Digga D has been honored with Rolling Stone U.K.’s Trailblazer Award at the publication’s first-ever awards show in London.

Digga D has won the Trailblazer Award at the first-ever Rolling Stone U.K. Awards in London.

Grime legend Skepta presented the award to the West London drill rapper at the ceremony on Thursday (November 23). He credited Digga D with playing an instrumental role in “elevating the genre” and “bringing U.K. drill to the masses.”

The 23-year-old artist gave his first-ever speech accepting the award.

“Last month, I was the youngest rapper to headline the Royal Albert Hall,” he began. “It was very special to me because I grew up in walking distance of the venue.”

He went on to share a message of self-belief to his young fans. “My advice would be to listen to some of the people that actually care about you, but to follow your gut. If I didn’t follow my gut, I wouldn’t be up here right now,” he added. Check out the clip below.

In presenting the trailblazer award, Skepta paid tribute to Digga D’s remarkable journey from being the first person in the U.K. hit with a Criminal Behavioural Order (CBO) restricting his content and requiring him to screen lyrics and videos with the cops to making hits and breaking records as the youngest rapper to headline London iconic Royal Albert Hall.

“He’s an example that a person’s past doesn’t dictate their future,” Skepta declared. “It’s never too late to redeem yourself and everybody deserves a chance to transform their lives for the better. A true trailblazer.”

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