Suge Knight has never been afraid to throw shots at Diddy — and now that the Bad Boy mogul is facing a variety of sexual assault lawsuits, the ex-Death Row CEO has taken aim at him once again.

In the latest episode of his Collect Call with Suge Knight podcast, which dropped on Friday (November 24), Suge revisited the pair’s longtime rivalry and made even more allegations about Puff’s alleged violence towards women.

What Puffy done, what Puffy did, or what Puffy do, is not a surprise — everybody know what it is,” he said. “I mean, you gotta be able to that type of shit to a woman and to other women. But it’s not like it’s new news.”

Speaking to co-host Dave Mays, Suge then claimed that Diddy once assaulted a female assistant because she didn’t tell him about Cassie’s alleged fling with Kid Cudi.

Same time he beat the shit outta muthafucking Cassie, he had an assistant by the name of Capricorn,” he continued. “He felt Cap was keepin’ this shit on the low about if she was messin’ with Cudi or not. Puffy beat the shit out that bitch.

“Not only did he beat the shit out of her, it was an Interscope person, an Interscope check, that paid her to settle so he wouldn’t go to jail.”

Knight, who is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for a fatal hit and run, later joked: “Puffy, I don’t wanna see you go down, but if you need a celly, I’ma grant your ass my cell, boy! Have your cook game working. I don’t want no head, but you gon’ be cleaning toilets.”

The comments about Diddy begin at the 23:30 mark: has reached out to Diddy’s representatives about the matter, but they declined to comment on the record.

The rivalry between Suge Knight and Diddy goes all the way back to the 1990s. At the 1995 Source Awards, Knight famously took shots at his East Coast rival by accusing the producer of upstaging his artists through appearances in music videos and songs

More recently, Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy revealed that there was a time when the embattled Bad Boy boss tried to ambush the Death Row Records co-founder.

According to the lawsuit — which contained allegations of rape, domestic abuse and sex trafficking — Cassie and Diddy were partying one night when a member of Puff’s security team informed him that Knight was nearby

Ms. Ventura was also exposed to the intense violence that pervaded Mr. Combs’s rise to fame,” the complaint reads. “For example, on one occasion when Mr. Combs and Ms. Ventura were using drugs together in his home, one of his security staff barged in and announced that Suge Knight — a longtime rival of Mr. Combs — was spotted at Mel’s Drive-In Diner in Los Angeles.”

It continues: “Mr. Combs began to get dressed, retrieved multiple guns from a safe, and ran out of his home to where he believed Mr. Knight was dining. Ms. Ventura became terrified and began to cry.”

Diddy denied all of Cassie’s allegations and the pair have since settled the lawsuit. His attorney said the decision “does not in any way undermine his flat-out denial of the claims.”

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