Ludacris performed at the Atlanta Falcons game this weekend — and it looks like he took a page out of Lady Gaga’s playbook to make an entrance … descending from the heavens

The rapper was the hired talent Sunday at Mecedes-Benz Stadium … but weirdly enough, he didn’t put on a halftime performance — but rather, did a quick set after the third quarter … which definitely took everyone by surprise.

The reason … the dude literally rappelled down onto the stage below from way up toward the top of the facility — and he did it kinda slowly, partially rapping a song in the air.

The whole point of this was to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop in the ATL … of which Luda has been a huge contributor over the years — not to mention countless other acts from the area.

A worthy salute to the genre, indeed. 🫡

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