Cam’ron Playfully Grills Ma$e About His Cameo In 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper” Video

The people want to know … what was your role exactly in that?

In the latest episode of “It Is What It Is,” Cam’ron and Ma$e brought some lighthearted banter to the table as they dove into the past. Moreover, specifically addressing Ma$e’s unexpected cameo in 50 Cent’s 2005 music video for “Window Shopper.” The Dipset rapper seized the opportunity to ask his co-host about the role. The moment sparked laughter and curiosity on the show. During Tuesday’s episode (November 28), Cam’ron read out a viewer’s question that cut straight to the chase: “The people want to know: in 50 Cent’s video ‘Window Shopper,’ what was your role exactly in that?” Cam’ron asked, unable to contain his laughter. “They said he scooped you and took you shopping in the video. That’s what they told me — I haven’t seen the video in a while.

In response to the unexpected question, Ma$e, amused by the question, played it cool and diverted the spotlight, saying, “I’ma let you handle that.” The two almost couldn’t contain their laughter while the question was being read. The camaraderie between the two rap veterans was evident as they shared a laugh over the humorous question. People in the comments also found the moment to be hilarious. “You know it’s finna be a good episode when they already laughing 3 seconds in,” one person wrote.

Cam’ron And Ma$e Get Candid

Despite the playful exchange, Ma$e didn’t offer any insights into the specifics of his cameo. Or the reasons behind his appearance in “Window Shopper.” Cam’ron, opting for a friendly tone, didn’t press his co-host for more details. Instead, he let the moment pass without diving deeper into the 50 Cent video cameo mystery. The good-natured banter on “It Is What It Is” showcased a funny moment between both Cam’ron and Ma$e.

As the hip-hop veterans continue to navigate their careers and share anecdotes from their journey, fans can anticipate more candid and amusing moments on “It Is What It Is.” For now, the question surrounding Ma$e’s role in 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper” video remains one of the show’s intriguing mysteries, adding an extra layer of curiosity to the dynamic between these rap icons.

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