CyHi The Prynce has addressed his long-running feud with Joe Budden in his latest music video, which also features Pusha T.

Titled “Mr. Put That Shit On,” the six-minute clip features a scene near the end of the former G.O.O.D. Music rapper slapping a Budden stand-in in the face

The video also features a skit about a podcast called The Average Joe Show, a thinly-veiled stab at Budden’s successful self-named podcast.

The song itself is set to appear on CyHi’s upcoming album The Story of Mr. EGOT.

Following its release earlier this month, CyHi The Prynce explained the video in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday (November 28) where he clarified that his intention wasn’t to fuel his feud with Joe Budden.

“In the Average Joe Show from the scene in ‘Mr. Put That Sh!t On,’ the goal was to transform a controversial topic into an artistic masterpiece with humor, theatrics, and pure entertainment,” he wrote.

Through creative expression, I highlight artists’ challenges, including aspects like criticism and comparisons, balancing personal style and external expectations, staying adaptable to evolving trends, and addressing the difficulties of gaining recognition.”

He continued: “Despite these hurdles, many artists, like myself, view criticism as a catalyst for growth, highlighting resilience and intrinsic motivation in our creative journeys.

This scene isn’t about past beef but addresses these challenges and showcases the importance of creative expression. Interestingly enough, Joe Budden acknowledged the feature in a recent podcast episode, embracing the role of the ‘sacrificial lamb.’”

CyHi’s post included clips of Budden praising the song during a recent episode his podcast, calling it “ridiculous” and “hard.” However, Budden has yet to react to the music video itself.

The two have exchanged words over the last few years, with Joe Budden even threatening to end his rap retirement to battle CyHi The Prynce.

In 2019, he said: “Get your money and get your pen and come fuck with me and this podcast will take a two-month break and I will put CyHi ass in the ground off of retirement

CyHi later dissed the former Slaughterhouse rapper in a Sway freestyle, where he rapped: “Joe Budden, why you got so much hate in your heart?/ You gon’ fuck around and make hating an art/ I don’t see much time I could waste on that mark/ And please say the remarks.”

Their feud largely stems from Budden mocking CyHi for allegedly riding on Kanye West‘s coattails

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