Slim Thug has said he doesn’t like Jewish people owning Black music.

During an Instagram Live this past weekend, the Houston rapper aired out his grievances with the Hip Hop industry and called for the culture to be placed into the hands of Black people exclusively.

“Jewish people should own Drake — Drake is Jewish. Jewish people should own Jewish music,” he said. “I don’t like that Jewish people own Black music. I don’t want Jewish people who are not a part of the culture to own the culture. I want only Black people to own Black music.

“Until we fix that, I don’t like it. If you ain’t Jewish, why the fuck you own a Jewish rapper’s music? If you don’t listen to that shit, why you own that? Nah, we not on that. We need to take the culture back. While these Black people broke, we need to own our music.

After someone off-camera asked him if he believes that should apply to each race and genre of music, Slim Thug replied: “It should be that for every race. If you Jewish, you should own Jewish music. If you white, you should own white music, country music.

“Spanish people should own Spanish music. Yeah, everybody who from their race should own their shit. So that’s not racist; that’s equal.”

While Thug didn’t name anybody specifically, he voiced support for Dame Dash, who frequently butted heads with non-Black music executives during his time running Roc-A-Fella Records.

“We don’t want people culture vulturing us. We going at all the culture vultures,” he added. “That’s why tried to push Dame Dash to the side. Dame Dash was right — he was standing on business.”

Slim Thug recently made similar comments about DJ Vlad, who he accused of being a culture vulture.

“How the fuck is a n-gga named Vlad talkin’ ’bout a Black man in here?” he said on Instagram Live last month. “What he got goin’ on? Y’all just bop on anything. Y’all lettin’ a n-gga named Vlad tell y’all something.”

He continued: “White people reportin’ this news to y’all. All kind of weirdos tellin’ you this shit. Stop the cap, man. This me, though. This my news station. And if they keep playin’ with me, I’ma start talkin’ ’bout them motherfuckers. They better leave me alone.

“Vlad Escobar. What the fuck is Vlad? What name is that? Where is that from? What nationality is that? Cuz I don’t know how it’s a Vlad tellin’ Black people news […] How’s we cool with this? German is German. Is we lettin’ a German get all this money off us?”

Slim Thug is not the first rapper to engage in antisemitic rhetoric. Kanye West has faced heavy backlash since last year for expressing his support for Adolf Hitler and making numerous negative comments about Jewish people.

Ice Cube has also been accused of antisemitism for things he has said in his songs, as well as posts he has made online including sharing anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and misinformation

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