Zaytoven and Future have crafted plenty of anthems together including their acclaimed Beast Mode joint mixtape, but their bond wasn’t always tight-knit.

Zay joined the R&B Money Podcast in September, but a resurfaced clip has recently gone viral which finds the ATL super producer admitting he used to take Future’s verses off songs in their early days of working together

worked with Future from his first mixtape, back from I thought Future wasn’t even all that good,” the producer recalled. “I remember Rocko used to bring Future to my house in the studio and they’d do a song, and I’d take Future’s verse off the song.

“That’s how much I didn’t really like his stuff. Now, he’s my favorite to me right now. Ain’t nobody better than him. But back then it’s like, ‘Ahh, that ain’t it.’ He was getting his reps in.”

Watch the clip below.

Zaytoven also remembered another time when Future called him about using his beats for Dirty Sprite. All these years later, Zay is thankful Future rapped on the producer’s supply.

“I remember one time he called me when he first did the Dirty Sprite album,” Zay continued. “He called me like, ‘Zay I want to hear these songs I did on your beats.’ I was like, ‘I don’t even wanna hear that joint

But when it came out, and it tore up the streets and that’s all you could listen to. Thank God he rapped on my beats. I was praying my song was on there.”

Zaytoven and Pluto have teamed up for tracks like “Used to This,” “Real Sisters,” “Feds Did A Sweep,” and more over the years.

Their union is perhaps best remembered for the nine-track Beast Mode mixtape in 2015, which served as the middle entry of Future’s famed trilogy run of tapes that included Monster and 56 Nights.

The project featured assists from Young Scooter and Juvenile and was crafted in a two or three-day span, per Zaytoven. A Beast Mode sequel eventually arrived in 2018.

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