Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff being 50 Cent’s father is a longstanding rumor in the Hip Hop community, though not everyone involved sees it as just speculation.

McGriff’s son has recently said that he feels like he is a blood relation of the G-Unit general

Kenneth McGriff is a convicted drug trafficker who used to head a Queens-based crime syndicate called the Supreme Team. Many believe that he was behind 50 being shot nine times back in 2000.

McGriff’s son Kenneth Jr. has been in the news recently after he shared a video of him hanging out with Fat Joe, the latter of whom had his share of now-resolved problems with the G-Unit boss back in the day. Soon after that post began making the rounds on social media, an interview clip of McGriff Jr. on the Let’s Get To That podcast from two months ago resurfaced. It shows him talking about believing that he is the “In Da Club” MC’s sibling.

After saying that he has a “gut feeling” about the 48-year-old being family, Jr. pointed out that his father and would-be brother share a lot of the same mannerisms: “[50] act like him, he look like him, he walk like him, he talk like [him] — everything.”

McGriff Jr. proceeded to acknowledge that he and 50’s son Marquise Jackson know each other and, in answer to the host’s prodding, said that they should probably take a DNA test because “that’s a question that the world wants to know [the answer to].”

Check out the exchange at the 32:42 mark below:

Last month, Fat Joe was sent a warning by 50 Cent’s fans for hanging out with Kenneth McGriff Jr. after the latter shared footage of the two shopping together. In it, Joey Crack could be seen wearing a “Supreme Team” varsity jacket — a nod to the aforementioned street gang of the same name.

“That’s Supreme Team, baby. You can’t get more official than this, more authentic than this. You be kidding yourself, man,” the Terror Squad rapper said in the video while stood next to McGriff Jr.

This quickly sparked speculation that Joe and 50 could start feuding once more after squashing their beef in 2012, with many fans pointing out that Fif is not one to forget any perceived slights.

“This ain’t gonna sit right with 50,” one person commented on the post, while another said: “Dam the beef fina start up all over again.”

Someone else criticized Joe for hanging out with McGriff Jr., knowing his family’s history with 50: “I’ve NEVER seen a dude play both sides of the fence the way he does.”

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