2 Chainz has been rushed to the hospital after a car crash, reportedly caused by a drunk driver, in Miami.

The Welcome to Collegrove rapper was on I-95, coming out of an Art Basel party, in the early morning hours on Saturday (December 9) when the Tesla struck his vehicle. TMZ was the first on the scene, and they reported that the driver of the Tesla was suspected to be driving under the influence when he struck the Georgia native

An initial report from the scene of the accident also revealed that the rapper (real name Tauheed Epps) was hit from behind, and the Tesla that ran into his car appeared to be totaled.

2 Chainz is reported to be in stable condition — and even took to his Instagram stories to share some video of himself being loaded into the ambulance by first responders. Check it out below.

This setback comes as 2 Chainz is in the middle of promoting his latest joint album with Lil Wayne, Welcome to ColleGrove.

While appearing on the Rap Radar podcast on a new episode released Thursday (December 7), the former Playaz Circle rapper revealed that 50 Cent did his skit parts on the album in one take and was a true professional.

“I actually wrote these things for 50 to say,” 2 Chainz said. “And I sent it to him because first of all, 50 is somebody that has a voice I think people can recognize. Two – he’s in the TV space and three, I knew that when it was time to put out a album, I was going to do something to maybe fuck people up to think maybe he was.”

He continued: “I had this whole thing in my head about trailers and chaos and mayhem like, ‘What the hell they got going on?’ So I hit him and he did it for me. I mean it didn’t take long. He killed it on the first take as far as knowing how to breathe, the spaces. Just little stuff that us as creatives that I just wanted.”

Along with 50 Cent, there were supposed to be some other special guests on Welcome 2 ColleGrove that didn’t quite make the cut.

2 Chainz hosted an informal AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Twitter last month where his fans’ questions prompted him to share that Roddy Ricch and Kevin Durant were just a few of the many people who were supposed to appear.

We took our time with it but one song that didn’t make the cut that I wish did featured @KDTrey5 and he went craaazy,” he said to a fan who asked if there were any songs he wished had been included on the album.

He also revealed that he couldn’t get a Prince sample cleared in time; a Roddy Ricch feature was also jammed up in the process; and that he and Weezy were together in the studio for “about 60 percent” of the making of their second joint effort.

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