Big K.R.I.T. has teamed up with the distrubtion platform EVEN to release his new EP, Regardless It’s Still Timeless – and it comes with a whole lot of perks.

Taking to Twitter on Friday (December 8), the Mississippi native revealed the EP purchase comes with early access to the music, unreleased exclusive content, a virtual Q&A session with K.R.I.T., a tee shirt and a hoodie – and fans can name their own price!

In an accompanying video, he said: “I got something special for my MULTI family, for my day ones. I’m dropping something for y’all on the EVEN platform. I got some surprises, I got some exclusives that y’all can purchase directly from me, and yes there will be new music for your trunk. I repeat there will be new music for y’all trunk!”

Watch the clip below and head here to purchase

Earlier this year, Big K.R.I.T. shared his thoughts on ageism in the culture and whether Hip Hop is really a young person’s game.

Rapper JFK started the conversation on Instagram, asking several Hip Hop figures their opinions on ageism in the culture. For years people have assumed there’s an end period for rappers before the public considers them washed up. However, there are many examples of artists proving their worth across decades

K.R.I.T. commented on other genres never having to deal with ageism, saying: “It’s weird ’cause it is, but it’s not supposed to be. Hip Hop is a youngin’ genre that we know of right now, so I think about blues and soul, and you talk about them bands they never really dissed the OGs, they never really talked down. They talked about the inspiration.”

My Expert Opinion host Math Hoffa referenced JAY-Z’s mind-blowing verse on DJ Khaled’s “God Did.” At 53 years old, Hov blew a lot of people away with a verse that a person at that age had no business spitting with such conviction

“I think one of the hottest verses of the year came from someone who’s over 50, shout out to Hov, salute. Thank you for showing us the way,” Math Hoffa said.

Dave East chimed in, saying: “I feel like you get yourself old. I think Hip Hop is something you can stay young in. It’s not like basketball

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