Kodak Black Attorney Claims “Rock” Found In Drug Bust Was Not Cocaine 

Kodak Black’s Attorney said cops conducted a “presumptive test,” but proper analysis will determine the “rock” substance is “not cocaine.”

Kodak Black was not in possession of cocaine during his arrest last week, but Percocet, according to his attorney.

Broward County cops reportedly found Yak with a mouth full of white power after discovering him asleep at the wheel of a black Bentley SUV on Wednesday (December 7). They found “white rock-like substances” on the ground after cuffing the rapper and a clear plastic baggie in his pocket, which was tested and also confirmed to be cocaine, per CBS News.

However, during an Instagram live Monday (December 12), Kodak Black insisted that while he does have substance abuse issues, he doesn’t use cocaine. He admitted to using legally prescribed Percocet and said he’s working on getting clean.

In a statement, Black’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, backed his client’s claims. He said the “rock” found by cops was not thoroughly tested.

“The test they do is a presumptive test for illegal substances. It just turns blue,” Cohen told TMZ Tuesday (December 12). “My belief is that the ‘rock’ this officer found when tested will be a Percocet, not cocaine.”

Cohen also addressed Kodak Black’s substance abuse issues, including his Percocet dependency.

“There will be a couple of different phases of this treatment in order for him to get better,” he added. “You have to treat the root problem of the dependency and that’s what is going to happen. We are going to alleviate dependency.”

During his IG Live Monday, Black claimed he’s spent $350,000 on rehab “to get clean and get better.”

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