Cam’Ron And Nia Long Link Up At Rich Paul’s Birthday After Actress Declares Herself “Outside”

The “It Is What It Is” host finally got the chance to meet his long-time crush

Cam’ron finally had the opportunity to link up with his long-time crush Nia Long as they both attended the birthday party of Rich Paul. “He want the scoop, she want the tea. I can not talk, we keeping it street! @iamnialong aka Ni-Amore,” Cam’ron gushed on Instagram. Long kept her own caption a little more casual, simply saying “Nice meeting you @mr_camron. Happy Birthday @richpaul”. All this came after Long, who has kept away from the spotlight following the Ime Udoka drama, declared herself “outside” with a pre-party selfie.

Of course, Cam’ron has had a very public crush on Long for a good while. Earlier this month, Cam’ron revealed that after her split with Udoka, he had sent Long a lengthy DM. However, in revealing this, Cam’ron also noted that Long had left him on delivered and had not read the message.

Cam’ron Gets Massage From Joe Smith’s Wife

However, Cam’ron has been playing up his bad-boy persona this year. Kisha Chavis, the wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith, returned to It Is What It Is at the request of Ma$e to provide his co-host, Cam’ron, a massage live on the show. The move is a throwback to a moment the week before when Chavis revealed during an interview on Check That Stat that one of her non-OnlyFans side hustles was running a massage business. Cam’ron hyper-fixated on this detail, asking Chavis if she would perform a massage on him.

Additionally, the move comes just a few days after Smith himself spoke out about Cam’ron’s conduct towards his wife. “It bothers me a lot. I did not just see that but the messages I got from people who actually went to her OnlyFans page. They sent it on Instagram [and] Facebook, talking about how my wife looks and what kind of pictures my wife got,” Smith told DJ Vlad as part of their ongoing interview about the subject.

Nia Long Back “Outside

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