GloRilla Claps Back Over Accusations She Lied About Breast Enhancement Surgery 

GloRilla faced backlash after unveiling the results of her breast augmentation, despite previously insisting she would never undergo surgery.

GloRilla is responding to the backlash after recently unveiling the results of her breast enhancement surgery.

Although the Memphis rapper announced her new boob job earlier this month, her social media posts this weekend had her critics in their feelings.

On Saturday (December 16), GloRilla proudly showed off the results of her surgery in an Instagram Video

However, While many fans showed love in the comment section, a few had something to say about her boob job.

“Cute but don’t start messing with your body you’re perfect the way you were and are,” one fan wrote.

“I remember when she said she would never get her body done she want to stay natural,” another added. “All that money changed her mind the booty gonna be next watch.”

“My tiddies got y’all in a [frenzy] I see,” GloRilla posted on x Sunday (December 17). “Just wait till y’all find out I’m running for president next year.”

GloRilla Says Breast Enhancement Critic Are “Jealous”

GloRilla addressed the critics during an Instagram Live Sunday, admitting she “lied” when she said she would never have surgery, while hitting back at her “jealous” critics.

“Y’all be so worried ‘bout me and what the f### on my muthafuckin’ chest,” she said. “I’m a liar just like y’all. You know how much I lie about a regular basis?”

Adding, “Wait till you find out,” GloRilla repeated her comments about running for office. “Just make sure you vote for me for President next year. 2024! GloRilla for President!” she declared.

Back in August last year, GloRilla addressed body shamers in an Instagram post and said she wouldn’t have surgery to alter her body.

“This is my last time addressing this, you mfs better get use to this slim body, green pretty ass eyes & big beautiful nose of mine,” she wrote. “Cause ain’t a damn thing gone change. Yall can hate yall self all you want, but I luv me some BIG GLO.”

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