5 Star General Of 6ix9ine’s Old Gang Nine Trey Bloods Busted With 12 Kilos And 500 Pounds Of Weed

An investigation of the Nine Trey Bloods gang ended the arrest of Edwin Spears, also known as “Money” for smuggling drugs on a private plane.

The notorious Nine Trey Bloods gang, previously thrust into the limelight by rapper 6ix9ine’s sensational testimony, is back in the news with the arrest of Edwin Spears, a 49-year-old identified as a “five-star general” of the gang.

In November, Spears, also known as “Money,” allegedly a 5 Star General in the Nine Trey Bloods, was caught in a major drug bust at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Accompanying him were Leonardo Petrosillo, 45, and two women, all part of an elaborate plan to transport a massive cache of narcotics to the United Kingdom.

The haul included 12 kilos of cocaine, 513 pounds of marijuana, and 1,000 THC cartridges.

The level of sophistication in the smuggling attempt was notable, involving three fake identities, two phony social security cards and careful coordination using a private, chartered plane.

One of the women, an exotic dancer, was explicitly paid to falsely claim ownership of some of the luggage, indicating the gang’s willingness to exploit others in their operations.

Petrosillo’s possession of counterfeit licenses and Social Security cards further underscores the elaborate nature of their scheme.

The evidence against Spears and Petrosillo appears overwhelming. Surveillance footage ties them directly to the luggage that was packed with drugs. Moreover, Spears’ history of criminal activities, including his ties to the Lucchese crime family and a 2007 arrest for smuggling contraband into prison, speaks to his long-standing involvement in organized crime.

The recent arrest adds another chapter to the gang’s notorious history after 6ix9ine’s sensational trial, where the rainbow-haired rapper testified against members of the Nine Trey Bloods and their criminal activities to reduce his sentence.

As they await their trial in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, the future looks grim for Spears and Petrosillo. They face a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

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