Eazy The Block Captain Warns: Papoose “Has To See Me” In New Audio Detailing Alleged Remy Ma Affair  

EzoicEazy The Block Captain lifted the lid on his alleged affair with Remy Ma and fight with Papoose in a damning new recording leaked online

A bombshell recording of Eazy the Black Captain confessing to an alleged affair with Remy Ma has surfaced online following months of speculation that the rapper was cheating on Papoose, her husband of 15 years.

The Hip-Hop super couple went viral earlier this year after Geechi Gotti accused Remy Ma of having an affair live on stage during a battle against Eazy on Remy’s Chrome 23 league. He claimed that Papoose knocked Eazy out after discovering the Philly battle rapper was messing with his wife.

While the “All Way Up” hitmaker and Eazy both denied the gossip, Gotti claimed a recording was floating around of Eazy admitting Pap put hands on him. John John Da Don leaked small snippets of the recording on the morning of his battle with Eazy earlier this month, but now the entire audio has been released.

Eazy The Block Captain Claims Remy Ma Has Been Staying With Him Since Altercation With Papoose

The explosive 19-minute-long recording features Eazy making a number of startling revelations. He confirms the affair and fight allegations and claims Remy has been staying with him since the altercation with Papoose.

Eazy says that while Remy wants him to keep silent, he’s been “putting the pressure” on Papoose to address the speculation. Nonetheless, Eazy recalls, “She also said, ‘this n#### made the first move. He put you in a f#####-up position, so I can’t tell you what to do. I’m just asking you if you could do that for me.’”

Although Eazy admits Remy is “stressing” over rumors of their alleged affair, he boasts about picking up 5,000 new Instagram followers over the scandal.

However, according to Eazy, Remy doesn’t want to go public “unless her hand is forced.” Ultimately, Eazy said that he’ll do anything Remy wants but Papoose has to run him a fade.

Tell this n#### he has to see me though,” he warned. “I don’t even give a f### if I lose, but we have to fight though.”

In another portion of the tape, Eazy says Papoose was waiting to corner him that night but denied getting slumped. “That n#### couldn’t even knock me out. N#### don’t even hit that hard, too. No, blood … no scratch, no nothing,” the battle rapper explained. “He had two clean jawns. That was the time to knock me out. It should have been done.”

The recording was shared online following a rift between Eazy and battle rapper and media personality D.I Da Hennyman. Although Eazy claimed the previously leaked snippets were altered, D.I. says he only masked the identity of the other speaker

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