Lil Baby Brings Out J. Cole And Quavo At Birthday Concert, Shows Off Collection Of White Cars

The crowd didn’t give the response many anticipated.

Lil Baby recently celebrated his birthday in style. The rapper put together his own birthday show in his native city of Atlanta and fans showed out to celebrate with him. Baby had some surprises for his fans as well and you can see it in recently shared videos from the event. During the show, Baby brought out both J. Cole and Quavo to perform alongside him during the show. In the comments of a repost of the video, fans wonder why the crowd didn’t get more hype for the two high-profile guests

In another recent video shared online, Lil Baby shows off part of his collection of cars. “When I say I CBFW this what i mean. PS this is just my white setup,” he captioned the video. In the clip, he shows off a series of white cars, but it’s one particular vehicle with blue rims that stopped fans in their tracks. “Blue rims on a black And white car is nasty work,” one comment reads. “Blue rims on a white car is wild territory,” another comment agrees. Check out the videos of Baby’s birthday performance and car collection below

Lil Baby’s Birthday Show

Earlier this month, Lil Baby shared two new singles called “Crazy” and “350.” Both songs are off to a strong start, with “Crazy” in particular performing extra well racking up 5.5 million streams in just a few weeks. The song hit the Hot 100 this week debuting at number 83 on the chart.

But not everybody has been a big fan of the new songs. Streamer Kai Cenat in particular had some harsh words for one of the songs. He absolutely trashed the track “350” shortly after the pair of new songs released. The video of his first reaction to the song went viral shortly after its release. What do you think of Lil Baby’s collection of white cars? Do you think the crowd at his birthday show should be more excited for J. Cole and Quavo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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