Math Hoffa Battle Rapper now Head Host of My Expert Opinion podcast show on Youtube. Take to his instagram live to announce he will be going live on youtubte to address all the soured relationships with former co host Shawn Bigga, &  Esso, & Hynaken who are currently hosts of their own podcast uniquely named Bagfuel.

Around 4:35 minute mark Math Hoffa noticed fellow  Serious Jones in the comments and Math began claiming Serious Jones made statements on The 15 Min Of Fame Podcast where Serious claimed to have been outside the home of where his daughters crib with a firearm. Math told him “No Bueno that was out of protocol I’m just a different type of nigga”

Serious Jones Joins the live and said thats not what he said and thats something Math was conjuring in his head as the two discuss their past beefs and then the pride and ego kicks in & as each rapper began trading cheap shots that began adding fuel to the their already heated relationship.

The Serious Jones, Math Hoffa fued started when the two was suposed to go head to head in a battle back 2013 At URL’s SummerMadness 3  however it didnt quite go as planned Math Hoffa sucker punched Serious Jones mid round in the face causing him to fall on his backside. News of other altercations rang out over the years

Now it’s gotten out of control we’ll let you decide who is wrong & wronger in the situation. To many threats were thrown to turn back now but lets hope these brothers iron out their differences without resorting to violence…

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